KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon by Alison Kartevold (May 2011,The Artists? Orchard Press

DALLAS: Developmental Editor Susan Mary Malone ( announced that a Young Adult Fantasy Novel by one of her clients has been published by The Artists’ Orchard. KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon, by Alison Kartevold, has already earned a 5-star review from Midwest Book Review.

Alison Kartevold stated, ?Susan Malone is a master of developmental editing. She not only sees what your work needs to reach the next level, she gracefully provides the necessary guidance to get it there. She demands your best, but never belittles. She’s there to make you better, not to put her thumbprint on your work. Susan’s support got me published and I can’t wait to work with her again on the sequel to??KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon!?

?A book is simply more than the sum of its parts,? said Susan Mary Malone. ?It’s its own entity – a new being that is formed by those parts, and something more. Something intangible. To fashion a great book one must make sure all of the individual elements work together in a synergy of words and emotions, painting pictures and evoking senses in order to put the reader smack dab into the story. To accomplish that, a writer must first create, then rewrite, then revise. And nothing in the world helps one do that better than working with an accomplished developmental editor – one who knows the pitfalls and problems, and can help writers navigate around and through the turbulent seas.?

Over 40 books edited by Malone Editorial Services have recently sold to traditional publishers. Clients include NY Times Bestselling author Mary B. Morrison, and Essence Bestselling author Naleighna Kai. Other notable edited books include: ?The Things I Could Tell You? by Jeremy Woodson (nominated for an NAACP Literary Award); ?O’Brien’s Desk? (a Publishers Weekly Spring Pick to Watch); ?Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party? (made into a Hallmark film), among many others. She is also an award winning author of fiction and non-fiction herself.? Susan participates as a speaker in literary conferences such as the Harriett Austin Writer’s Conference (at the University of Georgia), the Blue Ridge Writer’s Conference, the SouthWest Writer’s Conference, and the upcoming East Texas Writer?s Conference, among others. Her full biography and featured list of published authors can be viewed at Her blog can be viewed at

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