William D. Truax Professional Tax Advisors Speak About Role of Tax Planning

LOS ANGELES: Professional tax advisory firm William D. Truax E.A., Inc. (http://www.truax.net/) pledges to assist corporations and private business owners achieve and maintain financial independence through in-depth analysis, and optimal tax planning for that company.

The firm has a long history of tax planning preparation and execution. They do thorough research before embarking on a project, then will advise on a plan to lawfully minimize a company’s taxes. The funds saved can then be channeled toward wealth building programs as the company sees fit. William D. Truax E.A. are tax experts with over thirty years of experience with financial solutions, able to employ the most cutting edge strategies.

William D. Truax, founder of the firm, stated: “Our customers value us for our competence. We get the job done, and leave you in a better financial position then when we found you. It’s no sales talk when we say ‘You can save tremendously on your taxes, freeing up revenue so your business can prosper.’ We mean it. Freeing up your revenue for your business is our business.”

Mr. Truax has been a tax practitioner and financial consultant in private practice for over thirty years. He is admitted to practice before the IRS and all state tax agencies and is also a member of the bar of the United States Tax Court. As a fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, he is an Accredited Tax Advisor and a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. Mr. Truax was a founder and Director of Professional Business Bank in Pasadena, CA, and was chairman of the bank’s investment committee, responsible for control and oversight of over $100 million in bank assets. Mr. Truax has been active in numerous philanthropic endeavors and is currently a trustee or a board member of several active charitable organizations.

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