After a summer of sandal abuse many are left with dry, cracked heels. Dry, cracked heels are an unsightly cosmetic problem that can turn into something worse without proper natural dry skin care. If left untreated cracks can become deeper, leading to bleeding and potential infection.

There are numerous natural dry skin care treatments on the market today, but many of them are not effective because they don’t address the main causes of dry skin. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion ( was created for just this reason. It is specially formulated to strengthen the skin’s own natural protective barrier helping to prevent dryness being caused by environmental and chemical irritants. Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist from Burbank, California, explains why Skin MD Natural is becoming a leading dry skin care treatment product, “Regular moisturizers are designed to add moisture onto the skin. However, it does nothing to repair the barrier so it’s an endless cycle of constant moisture application onto the skin without healing and curing the dry skin. Many traditional moisturizers restore the moisture to the skin on a temporary basis, but after continued use actually send a message back to the skin saying it doesn’t need any further moisture to be produced by the skin, and so we can end up with the opposite condition where the skin is less hydrated than prior to using the moisturizers.”

If you are suffering from dry, cracked heels, Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a natural skin care treatment option you should further investigate. In less than a week Jessie started to experience softer feet, “After just a few days of using Skin MD Natural, I noticed that my skin did indeed felt more hydrated, especially my heels where the skin is rough, cracked and dry. They no longer have the dry and hard outer skin that always prompts me to peel the skin off, but instead, are on their way to full recovery and softer skin.”

Some even compare Skin MD Natural to a good pedicure like Rachael Porter, “I noticed a difference in my heels immediately; they were much softer. After about 4 applications they were as good as a $30 pedi. My hands are also looking smooth and youthful!”

Skin MD Natural is soft as silk and never greasy, making it an ideal natural skin care option for your feet. Nadine Chappellaz likes Skin MD Natural for just this reason, “I have really sensitive feet, I don’t like to wear socks, my feet get too hot, too cold etc. Lately, they have been so dry, it’s actually painful. I had tried some regular lotions, nothing worked, and they just made my feet slick and we have all hardwoods, not a good combination!! I tried out the Skin MD Natural, and within minutes felt some relief. It’s like a program, you start doing it every 2-4 hours until it feels better, then just every 24 hours. Works like a charm!! My feet were actually making me crazy before this, and now, I haven’t given them a second thought.”

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