Susan Mary Malone Weighs Big Versus Small Publishing Houses for New Authors

DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone, ( a developmental editor for writers looking to get published, has released a report on the best approach for new authors seeking a publishing house. Malone has 15 years in the editing business as a developmental novel editor, and has helped over 40 of her writer clients get published with traditional publishing houses.

Malone begins her report with a simple question to authors: ?Should you go with a small press or a big publishing house??

?A deceiving question, on the outside. Writers have dreams of being published by Random House, or Simon & Schuster, or any of the big conglomerates in NY, under whose umbrella myriad imprints abound. But going with a smaller house has many perks, and can often – even for seasoned authors – be a better way to go.?

She muses on the biggest change that has affected writers. ?With the death of the mid-list author came the reality that everyone else is pretty much left to promote his book himself. Advertising dollars go to that list of well knowns. So either way you?re left to do the promotion.?

She proceeds with much detail on the pros and cons, weighing the merits of both. In her closing statement, she stresses the following: ?The point is to find your audience, and often that isn?t in the mega-sea!?

The full article can be seen here:

Susan Mary Malone has worked as a freelance editor since 1993, with a BS in Political Science and minors in English and Journalism. Her client list includes NY Times Bestsellers, Essence Bestsellers and books featured in Publishers Weekly. She is also an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction herself. She participates as a speaker in literary conferences such as the Harriett Austin Writer’s Conference (at the University of Georgia), the Blue Ridge Writer’s Conference, the SouthWest Writer’s Conference, and the East Texas Writer?s Guild, among others. Her full biography and featured list of published authors can be viewed at

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