Financial Strategist Gives Tips on Rewarding Kids for Actual Work Done

LOS ANGELES, CA: Jerri Simpson, AKA “The Debt Lady” (, has released a list of tips for parents on how to better deal with their kids when they start screaming in the toy store, and how to prevent those embarassing scenes in the first place.

The list consists of:

1. “Don’t go to the store and buy something new for your child as a reward if they haven’t done anything for it. And DON’T buy the reward before they DO that thing. This is an important point, if you buy them something that they want and tell them when they get home that they have to DO something for it, they will inevitably take advantage of you and not do it because they already got rewarded. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been paid before I did the work!

2. “Have a point system, or money system worked out for your household where a child can do certain things to gain money, like chores etc.  It’s better to give them the option on what they want to do for their money then you making them do something that they don’t want to do.  Once the money is earned, go out and have them buy something they want, they will be more appreciative of it.

3. “Acknowledge them!  How good a job they did or thank them for their help.  Ask them to help you with things around the house and smile at them for their accomplishment.  Even if the child is one, they can help.  If they make a mess, let them help you clean it up, if they want to help around the house or in the garage, let them, they want to do things for you.  If you don’t let them because you are afraid they are going to make a mess or screw something up, find something that they can do and let them do it.  The more you tell them not to help you the more resentful they are going to be and the more they will NOT DO anything.

4. “Encourage them to work, allow them to work and be supportive of them and soon you will have children or spouses that are happy and winning in life because they are doing things for themselves that contribute to what they want in life.”

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Ms. Simpson stated “As a parent it makes you feel good to give your kids stuff when they’re little.  But as they grow up, it changes to be unbearable and expensive and your kids end up being spoiled and expecting those things that you used to give them.  So how do you handle this with your kids so that it’s their piggy banks that you’re taking the money from and not yours?  Well first of all, have your kids do something for the money or things that you give them, don’t give them things without them doing something for it.  Even Christmas and birthdays, make sure that they are saving their money and getting something for you as well so that they do something for you and you do something for them.  Do you see?  So here are some tips to help you as a parent and as an adult that will help you in the future with people that get a little grumpy when money’s involved.”

Jerri Simpson, “The Debt Lady”, has over 30 years experience in the financial industry, from starting with hands on experience at a bill collection agency to opening her own debt settlement company with over 2,500 clients throughout the US. She sees clients every day, helping them solve their financial problems, manage debt and work with the ever-changing lending industry. “Paper or Plastic: A Guide To Financial Health And Prosperity” is her first book, teaching financial management solutions to the average consumer. Her articles on finance can be viewed here:

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