Building Cleaning Services Speaks Out On Post-Construction Cleaning Matters

LOS ANGELES, CA: Building Cleaning Services ( is a cleaning and mold remediation company which recently spoke out on the subject of post-construction clean-up, and the importance of raising the standards in this area for the city of Los Angeles. The company cited health, safety and other issues as reasons for the public statement on the matter.

Jeff Valliere, BCS Vice President for Sales & Delivery, stated: ?In spite of even quality post-construction cleaning that you can organize through your building contractor, there will always be some very fine drywall type dust contaminant suspended in the air within the premises. This dust will persist and continue to settle out for weeks after the post construction cleaning, creating possible problems with electronic equipment, aesthetics, and health.? The company recommends a thorough environmental deep clean.

Mr. Valliere gave specifics on their company?s standards in this field: ?BCS?s post construction cleaning is designed to raise the benchmark for health and other reasons. We use our hospital-grade HEPA filtered vacuums to detail vacuum first. This will considerably reduce the airborne dust in the building. We clean mini blinds, furniture, beside and behind furniture, corners, edges, other nooks and crannies, and remote/hard to reach window ledges that are accessible. We damp wipe generally and detail/sanitize kitchenettes and bathrooms. It is important to raise the standard of post construction cleaning and the protocols we employ are intended to do that.?

BCS is a company that for more than 15 years has provided acclaimed mold removal services, post construction cleaning, water damage restoration and office cleaning for the Southern California area, including Greater Los Angeles. It is renowned as a company with fast service, professionalism and a high work ethic. BCS is certified by the Institute of Inspection and Cleaning and Restoration Environmental Testing & Technology. To learn more, visit, call 818-953-7100 or e-mail


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