Construction Company Cites Damaging Effects Of Weather On A Home?s Roof

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc. ( recently issued a public statement calling for vigilant care of roofs to counteract the deteriorating factors of weather on a roof?s structural integrity. The company listed warning signs of roof deterioration due to weather and stressed the importance of regular maintenance of a roof to prevent such from occurring.

Roofs are designed to protect a structure from the elements, but the condition of a roof will still deteriorate over time under contact of the elements it protects against. This occurs under any circumstances, but can be accelerated by certain weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow and hail. The type of roofing material used was also found to influence the rate of deterioration of the roof, according to the company. Pollutants and toxins may contribute to this roof deterioration as well. The company stressed the importance of regular roof inspection by a competent building contractor, as well as repair of any roof damage found by inspection.

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: ?You have to get an inspection done of your roof so you know what the state of it is. Sometimes people wait until roof leakage starts to happen to tell them if a roof needs repair, but that?s waiting too long. If you have a regular inspection of that then you know if it needs repair. The worst we?ve seen is in areas with very heavy weather. These roofs should be inspected even more often because the roof is going to run down faster. A roof can be replaced at any time, even in wet weather. So once the problem is found it can be fixed at once.?

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a ?no middlemen? model ? no salesmen, no subcontractors. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home. The result is the highest quality work at affordable prices. They can be contacted by phone at 323 733-3377, by fax at 323 733-4477 or via their website, You can see tips and advice about home foundations on their blog, at

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