(Clearwater, FL) – Sales R Us has announced the launch of a new distributor program for its popular line of Ultra Balm skin care products (http://www.ultrabalm.com). The program, which establishes distributors in every state, includes extensive sales training and marketing support.

“Ultra Balm is an amazing product with a large and enthusiastic customer base of both men and women,” says Vicki Gailzaid, founder and President of Sales R Us. “We are extremely excited about the expansion of our distributor network and being able to provide this unique business opportunity to qualified candidates nationwide.”

Ultra Balm was developed from a 100 year old cream recipe originally used by dairy farmers to protect their cow’s udders from drying and cracking. Over time it was discovered that the cream improved human skin problems as well, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, blisters and insect bites. The formula’s key ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, as well as Aloe and Lanolin. Sales R Us has been selling the premium blend Ultra Balm at trade shows, health and beauty shows, home shows, state fairs and women’s shows around the country since 2007.

Under the new program, distributors will be appointed in each state to market and sell the complete Ultra Balm product line, including Ultra Reverse, Ultra Handy Man and Ultra Balm Sunscreen. Ultra Reverse is a revolutionary anti-aging serum that contains Retinol, which reduces wrinkles and nourishes the cells of the body. Ultra Handy Man, a skin cream developed specifically for men, rapidly repairs damaged and rough skin.

Distributors will receive updated product information, a detailed marketing and sales manual, as well as a recently created series of training videos.

“Every distributor will be intensively and thoroughly trained to help them achieve their income goals,” says Gailzaid. “Our distributors do very well at the various types of shows where they exhibit. Often, past customers will come up to the booth and tell new prospects how great the product is and sell them on it. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

For more information on the Sales R Us distributor program, visit the Ultra Balm website at http://www.ultrabalm.com or call 727-447-3543.

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