Foundation Construction Company Seeks Increased Awareness of Important Home Support

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, (, a foundation repair and construction company in Los Angeles, is urging homeowners to learn more about the use of underpinning with a home foundation and, second, to learn the signs of foundation problems which indicate a need for underpinning.

Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilizing the foundation of an existing building or other structure. Underpinning is accomplished by extending the existing foundation in depth or in breadth so that it either rests on a more supportive soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area.

Julian Construction noted several reasons a home?s foundation could need underpinning.

* Additions to a home, such as adding an additional story, could cause the need for additional support to the foundation.
* Over time a building?s foundation may settle or rotate at certain points, causing strain on the structure.
* If interior changes to the building resulted in the removal of load-bearing walls, the foundation would be affected.

A competent foundation specialist would be able to see if these or any other foundation problems exist during a foundation inspection.

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: ?Underpinning is a very useful tool for strengthening a building’s foundation. It should be noted that each foundation underpinning is unique and should be designed by a professional engineer or an architect. At Julian Construction we can review plans or obtain the engineering necessary for your project and complete the repair. And an underpinning is not a do it yourself type job. You need to bring in a competent foundation contractor to do this type of job.”

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a ?no middlemen? model ? no salesmen, no subcontractors. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home. The result is the highest quality work at affordable prices. They can be contacted by phone at 323 733-3377, by fax at 323 733-4477 or via their website, You can see tips and advice about home foundations on their blog, at

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