Construction Company Sets Out Steps To Repair A Cracked Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, (, a general construction and foundation repair company in Southern California, recently issued a full explanation of how home foundation repair is accomplished for foundation cracks. The company is issuing this broadly to homeowners to raise awareness of the importance of handling foundation crack issues.

The three main methods of foundation repair for foundation cracks are epoxy injections, strapping and underpinning. Epoxy injections are known for their toughness, excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and resistance. Strapping is the process of installing carbon-fiber Kevlar straps which have considerable strength and are easy to work with. Underpinning can be done in addition to the above, with the purpose increasing the depth or width of the foundation. The company recommended consulting a professional foundation expert to determine what kind of foundation crack you are facing and what the appropriate method is to handle the problem.

The full text of the article by Julian Construction partner Shawn Kyles can be seen here:

Julian De La Torre, founder and owner of the company, stated: ?You need to know what you are looking at when you see the indications of foundation cracks. Something can be done to fix them, but if you don’t have the information then you don’t know what to do. So get professional help to find out exactly what the problem is, and you’ll have peace of mind because you’ll know your home is safe. And fixing foundation cracks is not a DIY type of job.?

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a ?no middlemen? model ? no salesmen, no subcontractors. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home. The result is the highest quality work at affordable prices. They can be contacted by phone at 323 733-3377, by fax at 323 733-4477 or via their website, You can see tips and advice about home foundations on their blog, at

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