HeartCell.org Launches Online Glossary to Enlighten Patients on the Basics of Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Los Angeles ? HeartCell (http://www.heartcell.org), a free informational resource guide for cardiac cell therapy, has launched an online glossary to assist patients to understand the technical information of how stem cells work. This includes terminology that a practitioner may take for granted, but which must be cleared up specifically by a patient who wishes to really understand the treatment which may benefit him.

The glossary, on the web at http://www.heartcell.org/what-is-a-stem-cell/stem-cell-terms/, explains the key definitions of stem cell treatment and covers such things as the different types of stem cells, which of these are actually used in cardiac cell therapy, and where are stem cells found in the body. Although not an exhaustive rundown of all technical terminology in the whole field, the glossary covers the most important definitions and enables readers to better understand more technical descriptions they may wish to read.

Two other pages on HeartCell.org complement the basic understanding imparted by the glossary: a description of the history of stem cell research and therapy, and an article specifically addressed to the common confusion between embryonic stem cell research and adult stem cell therapy. (Adult stem cell therapy involves no damage to embryos, and has had clinical successes demonstrated for some applications, unlike embryonic stem cells.) With this basic knowledge under their belt, patients will be much better informed and more able to make a correct decision about stem cell therapy.

?Patient testimonials and clinical trials show that stem cell therapy can make improvements in cases where traditional medicine has only limited effects,? says the founder of HeartCell.org. ?It is our intent to make this field familiar to heart disease patients so they can make informed decisions and reap the benefits available through trial-tested cellular procedures. We stand ready to help in your search for information or recommended clinics.?

To read the glossary of terms and other facts about stem cells, visit http://www.heartcell.org/what-is-a-stem-cell/stem-cell-terms/ To read a brief history of stem cell research, visit http://www.heartcell.org/what-is-a-stem-cell/history-of-stem-cells/ To read about the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells, visit http://www.heartcell.org/what-is-a-stem-cell/embryonic-vs-adult-stem-cells-the-controversy/ To contact HeartCell.org for recommendations of clinics or for suggestions for your further research, email info@heartcell.org.

HeartCell.org does not give out medical advice and none of the information contained in it should be construed to be such. HeartCell.org makes no claims that stem cell treatment, nor any medical treatment, is a cure for any illness, disease or malady. HeartCell.org is strictly informational in nature and exists to help others research and better understand the possible benefits that can be derived from the safe, proper and effective use of stem cells.

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