Published on Jul 16, 2014

OriginOil licensee, Pearl Blue, has begun demonstrating its commercial-scale system, utilizing OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation technology, at a customer’s site in the Monterey shale formation. CEO Riggs Eckelberry discusses the system and shows exclusive before-and-after pictures of the frack water, which is cleaned for later reuse, instead of being wasted in a disposal well.

0:17 Bob ?Sully? Sullivan: ?Small Caps For People feature small cap companies. I?m only following one at this point and that?s Riggs and OriginOil..? is their website. OOil is their stock symbol. Riggs Eckleberry is the CEO. He joins me now from Los Angeles.? Let?s talk about the clean water frack announcement you had last time. Can you re-explain what happened there because there?s a lot of people interested in that announcement.?

1:18 Riggs: ?You?re talking about the chlorine dioxide thing we were talking about last week. Yes, that?s amazing because it turns out chlorine dioxide which you use in your pool and so forth, we know that can be generated electrically and you were just telling me, in fact, about your saltwater pool where you are actually chlorinating on the fly. But how do you do that in a volume, vast amounts of volume, to deal with 10,000 barrels a day of water pouring through. What is chlorine dioxide do, of course, is it kills bacteria, it unplugs wells because it breaks the oil water emulsion, and it also can kill hydrogen sulfide which makes that terrible, rotten egg smell that we smell around tar pits and lagoons. And when re-injected as frack water can actually help make that sour crude in formation sweeter.?

2:25 Sully: ?Let?s talk real quickly about your first licensee completing the demonstration system. This is breakthrough water treatment technology, and really, what we?re talking about here is they started out extracting stuff from water, and that stuff happened to be oil and gas and algae. And what was leftover, of course, was clean water but there?s also oil and gas leftover and algae leftover. So fast forward here to OriginOil and the Electro Water Separation, the EWS, the high-speed, chemical free process, clean up large quantities of water. And they did it on frack water.?

4:24 Riggs: ?There?s no question that something has got to be done about the water, because, you know, in many drought areas?also water itself is an asset too. The company that?s doing the hydrofracking, because if they can re-use it on site, they don?t have to keep bringing the trucks in which hurts roads and so forth and it costs a lot of money for them. So, it?s a win-win situation all around to actually do something about that water. And we?re getting increasing support from both sides of the aisle frankly, who are saying ?look fine there?s going to be arguments about whether to frack or not but if we?re fracking, let?s clean the water.??

5:10 Riggs: ?Okay, this is our first licensee. They raised a lot of money to build this industrial-grade system that is at a customer site of theirs, treating water from formation. Now, there technology combined with ours creates water that is safe to reuse as frac water. It?s been descaled which is the most important thing. You don?t want to mess up oil well.?

5:53 Riggs: ?For us it?s the first time that Electro Water Separation has been used at a commercial grade site. It?s a huge win for us. It?s a fully engineered system. The Pearl Blue people are super excited about that. The site, has pictures of their technology and so forth. We?re fully embedded. Come to our site, read the press release? We are just blown away and, in fact, if we have a few moments, we can show the photos.?

7:44 Riggs: ?What we have is before and after shots, which can be cool. And, basically what we?ve got is a site that processes a huge amount every day of this Bakersfield water which comes out of these frack operations, and regular production operations.?

8:23 Riggs: ?Far left is the water coming out of formation which is really skunky. And then middle is ? we do the heavy lifting, we get the suspended oils out, and a whole bunch of stuff. That?s us in the middle. And the far right, is where Pearl Blue Water has really taken it to the stage where it can be re-injected safely down hole. There?s no more scale. As you can see, there?s no more turbidity. It?s ready to go.?

9:22 Riggs: ?The other picture shows an entire array of possibilities. Now, the Pearl Blue Water system is the third one down, where you have frack water re-use. They can go all the way down to potable water.?

High-Speed Frack Water Cleanup


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