Building Cleaning Services Warns of Health Risks to Children from Unhandled Mold in Schools

LOS ANGELES, CA: Building Cleaning Services (BCS), ( a Los Angeles mold remediation and water damage restoration company is warning school boards, parents and teachers about the possible dangers posed to children by mold in schools. With heavy rains during the winter season, the company says that water damage should be addressed expeditiously to prevent mold.

Last October an Eyewitness News investigation in the Orange County school district found that parents had not been notified after mold was discovered in dozens of schools. (

Garrison Clarke, VP Operations for Building Cleaning Services, stated ?If there is a mold problem in a school, it may pose health dangers to children. Any parents who suspect their child might be exhibiting signs of mold allergies, could request the school get an inspection. We recommend that any school officials that suspect a mold problem get a mold inspection right away. The potential for mold intensifies in the winter months when kids tend to spend more time indoors.?

The non-profit group, California Center for Electrosmog Prevention also says, ?Many schools have water damage and mold due to leaky roofs and improper construction. Evidence is often found by viewing stained ceiling tiles or walls showing water damage, or musty air quality.?

A fact sheet on mold in schools by the EPA states:

? ?Potential health effects associated with mold exposure may include irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both mold allergic and non-allergic people.

? ?In sensitive individuals allergic reactions can be caused by breathing in or touching mold.

? ?Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold and leave it there, the mold must be removed.

The fact sheet goes on to list reasons why mold could be growing in a school, the typical places where it could grow, and how schools could manage any mold problem that exists. The fact sheet can be found here:

Building Cleaning Services has assisted concerned schools with mold issues that ensured neither child or teacher was adversely impacted. The company comes with many favorable reviews because of its ability to take the worry out of mold infestation. One clients helped by BCS said, the company ?helped me remediate mold at my house, and then dry out a huge water leak before mold could form at my wife’s family’s house–in the span of about a month. Their service was responsive, fast, professional, and courteous. They answered any question that I had, and the pricing was transparent and understandable. I really couldn’t have been happier. They made the best out of two dicey situations.? Wes S. from Torrance (Source:

Building Cleaning Services’ other reviews on Yelp can be seen at

BCS provides water damage handling and Los Angeles mold remediation services, as well as water damage services for Los Angeles, and office cleaning in Los Angeles. Established in 1997, they have over a decade of experience as a company with fast service, high professionalism and work ethic. BCS is certified by the Institute of Inspection and Cleaning and Restoration and Environmental Testing & Technology. To learn more, visit, or call 818-953-7100 or e-mail

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