By Nancy Penrose

Many of the trees used in landscaping are ornamental trees with interesting features such as bark, leaves or flowers. Even the shape of a tree can enhance a landscape?s appearance. Landscape trees can also be used as privacy trees, to create shade, or as a backdrop for other environmental elements.

Before purchasing trees for your landscape, find out what type of soil you have on your property. Soil requirements can vary from one tree species to another. Also consider the drainage and the depth of the soil when deciding what trees are best suited for your planting environment.

Other factors that you should pay attention to include the tree?s height and diameter when it reaches maturity. Tall trees can interfere with power lines. Pruning can help maintain the tree?s height, but it can also impact its natural shape. Avoid planting trees with low branches next to driveways, walkways or other traffic areas. And make sure that a tree that bears fruit is not placed near pools, fountains or other types of water features.

One way to find out what trees will grow best in your area is to take a walk around your neighborhood. Look for healthy trees that thrive throughout the year.

Develop a landscape plan before making any purchases. To reduce the financial impact of buying a large number of trees all at once, implement the plan in phases.

When you do buy a big tree, make sure it is in good health. Look for good bark, a straight trunk, firm but pliable leaves, as well as well-distributed branches with proper spacing.

Trees can add significant beauty to a landscape. They can also increase the functionality of the space. A big tree arborist can help you choose big trees best suited for your landscape and make sure your landscape plan will work.

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