by Julian De La Torre

Rain can seriously damage a home?s foundation. If it enters the crawl space, it can cause the wood to warp and decay.

Water can also cause the soil near a foundation to expand and contract. When the soil?s moisture content increases, it will start pressing against the foundation walls. This additional pressure can lead to cracking and bowing. As the water content decreases, it will leave spaces in the soil. Over time, the foundation will start to settle into these gaps. If the settlement is extensive or uneven, it will damage the foundation.

When rainwater collects and pools around a concrete foundation, it can start to penetrate the foundation and break down the concrete. As the concrete deteriorates, cracks will begin to appear. Foundation cracks will weaken a structure.

A heavy rain can wash away the soil around a building and underneath its foundation, which can cause the structure to sink.

Severe downpours can lead to flooding, one of most common types of natural disasters. Many areas throughout the United States, including Southern California, typically experience some type of annual flooding.

A flood will push against the sides of a building, weakening its structure and possibly even separating it from the foundation. The water will also penetrate deep into the ground, moving or breaking foundation pilings.

You should always check the condition of your foundation after a rainstorm. Look for foundation cracks or fissures. Other signs of foundation problems include doors and windows that don?t close properly, bowing walls; sloping, sagging or even floors, and gaps around window frames or exterior doors.

If you do find any indicators that your foundation has been damaged, contact a home foundation repair expert or foundation contractor immediately and request an inspection. Any foundation issues should be addressed quickly to avoid more serious problems and the need for expensive home foundation repairs.

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