EDEN PRAIRIE, MN ? Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps ( http://www.mplsblueskychimneysweeps.com/), in Eden Prairie, is warning homeowners in the Minneapolis area that large amounts of snowfall this past winter could have caused damage to their chimney. The company urges homeowners to get a chimney inspection.

Dave Lambert, owner of Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, stated ?Heavy amounts of snowfall can sometimes lead to big problems with your chimney, and, if left unhandled, these problems can get worse. If you have noticed cracked or loose bricks on the outside of your chimney, this can be a sign of winter-related damage that can lead to water leaks in your chimney. After each snow storm, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps receives many calls from customers for chimney repairs, and we have the experience to know exactly how to fix these problems.?

Lambert described specific damage that can occur to a chimney during the winter months:

?Flashing Damage: The place where your chimney meets the roof is called the flashing, made out of metal, and is one of the most vulnerable areas for water leaks, as water tends to pool there. Heavy snow can damage the flashing, causing it to bend. When this happens, water from melted snow can flow into the chimney, and this water can cause damage to the wooden structure around the chimney, and to your ceiling and walls. If you have seen water stains on your ceiling or walls, you could have a damaged flashing system.

?Spalling Damage: Bricks and mortar are porous and easily absorb water. When the temperature drops below freezing, water that has been absorbed into the masonry materials freezes and expands. Then as the temperature warms back up, this water thaws out and causes the bricks and mortar to crack and break apart. This is known as spalling damage, and it can also affect your chimney crown. This type of damage can lead to serious structural damage if left unrepaired.

?Get a Spring Inspection: In the case of water damage to your masonry chimney, the best offense is a good defense. By having your chimney regularly inspected and maintained, any masonry damage can be detected and handled quickly. And an annual inspection will alert you to any problems with your chimney, allowing repairs to be made quickly to prevent further decay.?

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps is family owned and operated, and has over 20 years of experience in the chimney repair and cleaning field, and all of their masons and sweeps are licensed and insured. They are members of the National Chimney Sweeps Guild and are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Blue Sky offers chimney cleaning in Minneapolis and the metro area. For more information on chimney services from Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, visit http://www.mplsblueskychimneysweeps.com, or call 952-944-1744.

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