By Niko Papaheraklis

It?s always fun to remodel your home to be more modern and suitable to your needs. But, it?s not all about having a spacious kitchen or a new master bath connected to your bedroom. The health and comfort of your home is equally, if not more, as important as its appearance. With that said, here are a few ways you can make sure your home is healthy and comfortable for you and your family.

1. Have a good ventilation system

The quality of indoor air is a popular topic and for good reason! The quality of your air can make a massive difference in your health and comfort. You?ll want to make sure you have a solid ventilation system to keep indoor air fresh and clean.

2. Replace leaky windows

If you?re planning to remodel your home, chances are your windows have been around for awhile and they may have leaks in them. We can help you choose the right windows that will be energy efficient, lessen outside noise, and more at different price points. If you can?t replace all your windows at once, start with the ones closest to you as that?s where you?ll notice the biggest difference.

3. Replace your lighting

Gone are the days when the only lighting option included fluorescent fixtures. There are so many lighting options these days to create a dynamic environment, and the trick to having a more comfortable home is having lights that have the correct temperature balance.

4. Prevent mold with weatherproofing

This is a big one. Mold can cause serious health issues and isn?t always easily detected. You?ll want to ensure your siding, roofing and windows are weatherproofed so that moisture doesn?t creep in and allow mold to start growing.

At Finecraft Contractors, if you can imagine it, we can build it. We always keep your health and comfort in mind when designing and building. If you have a renovation idea or want to remodel sections of your home, call us at 301-330-9191 and we?ll give you a thoroughly thought out estimate.

NikoPapaheraklis is the Business Manager of FineCraft Building Contractors, Inc., located in Gaithersburg, MD, 40 miles north of Washington, DC. Since 1985, FineCraft home remodeling contractors have been building houses, home additions, kitchen & bath remodeling and more for discerning families. Their blog can be seen at and they can be reached at 301-330-9191.

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