by Larry Judge

PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic field.”

The earth has an electromagnetic field which pulses with a certain frequency that can be measured. This magnetic pulse is as vital to human and other forms of life as food, air, and water.

Human bodies also pulse with the same basic electromagnetic frequency as the earth. And the electromagnetic pulse from the earth works like a battery recharger for the cells in our bodies.

Any device that works with batteries works great when the batteries are new. But when the batteries get worn out, the device doesn?t work as well or stops working altogether. Then when the batteries get replaced or recharged, the device works great again.

The human body works in a manner similar to an electric battery. Our cells need to be recharged with energy on a regular basis.

The earth emits frequencies that our bodies need in order to be healthy, and that recharge the energy in our cells. You can absorb these frequencies by going barefoot in the grass or on a beach, swimming in a lake, river or ocean, or working in a garden.

But most people don?t get enough of the earth?s electromagnetic frequencies, because they spend the majority of their time disconnected from the earth, in a building with wooden or concrete floors, wearing shoes with rubber soles, or riding in a vehicle with rubber tires. Does this sound like how you spend the majority of your time?

If you spend the majority of your time disconnected from the earth?s recharging electromagnetic frequencies, or if your body is often tired and needs to be recharged, then you should consider using a PEMF mat to supplement the natural electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth. The cells in your body can be recharged by spending 10 minutes a day on a PEMF mat, like the PURELIFE PL-3000 PEMF mat.

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