By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

(excerpted from a talk at the 2010 Fall UNS Symposium)

“One of the things that I have been doing, and I have been doing this ever since day one, is periodically I go back and get hands-deep, knee-deep, sleeves rolled up into what it is that we are delivering. I revisit it as though it were brand new.

“We have hit the point where it was impossible for me to be doing all the delivery, as you know. It’s kind of hard for me to be in 3 cities at the same time. The whole key to our success and to what we are planning on doing, achieving the purpose that we’ve all laid out for ourselves, the one thing that holds us all in common and keeps us all together is our purpose.

“As I have said many times, while we are not the first group to have the purpose of really creating a healthcare system that actually brings about health care, we are the last. And the reason that we’re the last is many-fold, but one of them is that the enemy has actually positioned themselves to close down all possibility of health freedom. They’ve been working on it for decades.

“We’ve actually reached a critical point where we actually need to come together in a way that we’ve never come together before, before the curtain goes down. We’ve reached the point where my original goal and hope for the work has actually been achieved, which is that it is totally duplicatable. This is one of the major breakthroughs that has occurred for us, one that no other group in the alternative healing area has ever put together.

“What has generally occurred is that there are some incredibly brilliant individuals in the healing arts – incredibly brilliant, very talented, very much into healing, but very, very unduplicatable. We have seen incredible breakthroughs over the last century that have died with the discoverer. Sometimes they were under incredible attack, but more often they just never bothered to be duplicatable. We have seen this, we’ve experienced it, and every time this has happened there has been hope and then hope dies. And in my own analysis of what that was: it came down to the point of duplication.

“Furthermore, it came down to something even more basic than duplication, which was ‘standard-ness.’ In order to have duplication, you have to have a standard technology.

“Based on the results we regularly attain in our practices and confirmed by the results being consistently attained by our clients in their reports to us, we now have a standard approach to nutritional healing which has a consistent, positive outcome when applied exactly.

“Our efforts and the efforts of each of our clients now dictate that we must work hard on getting Nutrition Response Testing® applied exactly as researched and discovered. We have a great responsibility to our patients, given we have the ability to enable them to restore their health and to ensure that they receive the results they expect and more.”

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