By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

I always wondered…why would you have to sell chiropractic? And the reason, as I discovered once I got into practice, was because people did not hold their adjustments long enough to get well. So, they needed lots of adjustments—and, as time has gone on over the decades, people have been less and less able to hold their adjustments.

In other words, their musculoskeletal systems—the very fabric of their bodies—were no longer capable of receiving mechanical correction, responding to it, normalizing nerve energy, or normalizing the nervous system’s control of the body so the body could heal itself. We were losing that, losing that, losing that.

I, however, was just a zealot—a straight chiropractor. I was raised on the idea that it didn’t matter whatever you put into your body—the innate intelligence of the body would convert it to what you needed and you would just get well, as long as you had adjustments.

Unfortunately, during the late 80’s I was really stressing out my own body. I was on a bit of a crusade: traveling weekends and educating people all over the country on the dangers of drugging children—especially with psychiatric drugs. I had taken this on as a crusade, so I was traveling practically every weekend and working during the week. Over a period of time, being on a diet of fast food, constant changing of time zones, and sleeping in strange beds in hotels, my body—even though I was getting adjustments during that time period, as I always did—literally started to fall apart.

By the late 80’s, I was very sick. I had immune problems that would not go away. I just could not recover and got worse and worse and worse until, by 1991, I was having congestive heart failure. I had double pneumonia; you could actually percuss the fluid levels in my lungs. I couldn’t lie down and sleep because of that, and I never learned how to sleep sitting up, even though I ‘d traveled on planes a lot.

I was so sick, even though I had very good friends who were chiropractors and who were willing to treat me to the nth degree. I couldn’t hold an adjustment. I was in a lot of pain. If I were to take a short walk, my muscles would go into spasm and I would be in excruciating pain, and I had so many immune problems developing that the blood tests were rather remarkable. I had more than one doctor go, “I don’t know how anybody can be alive with this much bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal or yeast activity going on in their blood.” Live blood analysis, where you could actually look and see what’s in your bloodstream—rather amazing.

So, I reached the point, about 1991, where I knew that this body was about to expire, and I was explaining it to my wife…telling her, trying to orient her to what she was going to have to do to handle the bill collectors, because I had not been able to work for quite some time—and she just looked at me and said, “No way. We’re gonna fix this.” Well, I was at my wits end—I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t hold an adjustment more than five minutes. My digestion had practically shut down. I could hardly eat anything without it having a bad effect on me.

We ended up going to Mexico as a last ditch effort to save my life, and there we found some very interesting treatments that actually did stop the dwindling spiral. When we got back from Mexico, we found that the treatments that we’d gotten there were all natural and banned in the U.S., the key one being a homeopathic intravenous treatment that literally cleaned my bloodstream and enabled me to actually not have all that fluid in my lungs.

We realized that, while we’d done the best medicine, and now alternative medicine could do—and, by the way, before I went to Mexico I’d had quite a few medical attempts that all failed—we realized that the limits of medicine, even good medicine—alternative things, non-drug, non-harmful medicine—was to stop a disease.

But what do you do to rebuild a body that you’ve beaten up? That was the realization that I had—that my lifestyle had contributed to this body just falling apart. And it wasn’t that I was boozing, smoking or any of that, as I hadn’t. It was just a matter of eating the wrong things consistently, and the worst of the wrong things. That was practically all I was living on, because that was what was available on the run—making the plane trip, you know?

And so, we sat down and said, “OK—how do you actually rebuild a body that you’ve practically wiped out? So, I started researching into the area of what discoveries have been made? What’s out there? How do you do this?

And then, looking into the history, I discovered something very interesting. Back in the 20’s and 30’s, there was a group of four tremendously intelligent clinical nutritionists. Two of the were dentists; Dr. Royal Lee was one of them. Two of them were medical doctors; Dr. Pottenger was one of them. They were looking for the source of disease. The dentists were trying to find out what caused dental decay, and what they discovered was that dental decay was absolutely, totally diet-oriented and it was not because of the sugar in the mouth. It was because of the depletion of minerals caused by the modern diet.

Dr. Pottenger’s work is absolutely incredible, Dr. Weston Price’s work—these are the gentlemen that I am speaking of, and, studying their works, I saw incredible answers that nobody talks about. Then, when I saw the products that were designed by Dr. Royal Lee to answer the problems that they actually started to resolve, I realized that the way you repair a body is cell by cell. One cell at a time.

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