My name is Dr. Guy Furno. I’m a chiropractor from New York. I’ve been a Nutrition Response Testing master clinician since 2009.

Originally in practice, I didn’t integrate any nutrition into the practice at all. What I was finding over time was that patients had to keep on coming in and getting adjusted over and over again. I have patients that have been with me for 25 years. They were doing well, they were happy, they were functioning, but—they weren’t holding their adjustments. Something was lacking, and it wasn’t technique. They shouldn’t be having to get adjusted for ten years in the same area over and over again.

Over a century ago, D.D. Palmer identified nutrition as one of the most important facets of keeping these patients well. Once I integrated Nutrition Response Testing into the practice, patients began holding their adjustments. Fewer visits, yes, but supplement sales and referrals more than made up the difference.

On a personal level, it feels great that you’re actually accomplishing what you were looking to accomplish originally, which is really to get these patients better and get them on a more functional track.

Recently, a long-term chiropractic patient of 20+ years started getting a different pattern of pain. We did Nutrition Response Testing, got him onto the correct program, and the pain went away.

Guy Furno, DC

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