by Alicia Armitstead

Imagine being a teenager and spending years in and out of hospitals. That was me when I was 16, suffering from childhood asthma and not getting better. Looking for an alternative, my mother found Dr. Freddie Ulan and Nutrition Response Testing, and I became his patient.

In time my asthma, untouchable by any other modality, cleared up with the right nutritional support for my body. I was directly inspired by Dr. Ulan and what he was able to accomplish with his patients. He was a chiropractor. So when I finished high school, I knew exactly how I wanted to dedicate my professional life.

As a chiropractor and also a graduate of Dr. Ulan’s Advanced Clinical Training, I have many tools in my belt to help my patients heal. For example, if somebody comes in with low back pain caused by inflammation, I can adjust the patient to put the joints back in place, then normalize physiological functions with nutrition, so that the body’s natural healing ability can address the inflammation. In fact, poor nutrition may very well have created the conditions for the injury in the first place.

What can be accomplished using Nutrition Response Testing to enable any chiropractor to assess possible underlying causes that can lead to dis-ease, and then disease, is simply amazing. As a case in point, I had a 26-year old female patient who came in with fibroids. She was told by her MD that her only option was surgery, and that’s the last thing she wanted to do. She felt hopeless.

Luckily, a friend referred her to my practice. After doing the initial consultation, I performed the 13 steps of Nutrition Response Testing with her and found indications of several barriers to the body’s ability to heal itself, including signs of possible aluminum toxicity and an immune system challenge that could be affecting her uterus and ovaries. I explained to her that if we helped the body detox and supported it with the right nutrition, this could increase the body’s ability to heal itself.

Four months later, she returned to her medical doctor, who discovered her fibroids were almost gone! Her “unavoidable” surgery was no longer necessary, and additionally, her PMS and menstrual cycle pain had markedly decreased.

I can’t help but smile when I think of the wonderful results she’s had, thanks to this procedure that enabled me to zero in on the underlying deficiencies. Nutrition Response Testing eliminates guessing games. You don’t “chase” symptoms or even address them or the specific condition. It’s a precise tool that permits you to determine specific nutritional needs that can help each patient bring about a more optimal state of health in their bodies.

Anybody who has successfully gone through Dr. Ulan’s Advanced Clinical Training could have duplicated what I did. Nutrition Response Testing gives you a non-invasive technique that’s very fast, very effective, and easy for the patient. With it, you make dramatic differences in the lives of your patients.

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