There is a growing demand in America for better healthcare. One of the trends is the use of alternative medicine and natural remedies. Chiropractors and nutritionists are a big part of this movement.

There’s been a marked increase in use of chiropractic over the last five years and scientific studies have brought the link between nutrition and health to the public’s attention. Several studies have highlighted the need for a personalized nutrition plan, since everybody reacts differently to food.

So how do you find these people who are interested in alternative medicine, nutrition, and health?

Google has the answer.

It lies in where they are looking for information about their questions and problems. Like everybody else, people are searching online for health information and answers.

However, a recent study found that while the number of people searching for health information and providers online is rising, they seldom find what they’re looking for.  They also stressed that no one website dominates in the provision of health content.

That’s a huge opportunity. It means you can become the source of good health information for your community. But creating the content is only one part of the equation – the most important part is that your content must be found by the right people.

Enter Google Maps and Google My Business.  It’s a free service from Google that lists the local businesses relevant to a search on page one. GMB makes it easy for local searchers to find the information they need right sway.

The trick is to get into the first three, because only those are listed on page one.

Google Map

Since we started ranking for more categories, we’ve seen a definite increase in new patients from Google searches.”  ~ Dr. Serge Gregoire, Mind Body Solutions

Although many more businesses are listed, you must click to see them. And many searches won’t bother. They’ll pick one of the three that are ranked on page one.

To get the most from your GMB you need to:

  • Claim your listing
  • Fill out all the information correctly
  • Add the correct categories
  • Align the content on your website with what is in your GMB categories
  • Post content to the feed each week
  • Monitor and optimize your Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) listings across the web
  • Manage your Google reviews

The people you want to reach are searching generic keywords, like ‘chiropractor near me’ or ‘nutritionist (name of town)’, so ranking for categories is important.

This is what the practitioners who use our Google My Business Management Service  have experienced:

We like what we’re seeing! Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.  Four new patients scheduled from our website this week. This new website has been up for a whole year and we’ve not had one booking from it till now” ~ Dr Lauren Kolowski

The work we’ve been doing with UNS Marketing, in particular the reviews, has resulted in more new patients.” ~ Dr. Kim Rebman

To change the health paradigm in this country, practitioners need to reach more people who are interested in, and actively searching for, alternative ways to recover or improve their health.

Optimizing and managing your Google My Business listing is one of the best ways to reach those people.

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