SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction (, a leading construction company in the south bay area of Los Angeles, has taken the time to provide answers to some of the most common questions business owners have about commercial construction and renovation.

David Clarke, co-owner of Silva Construction, shared insights and answered common questions on commercial construction and renovation:

How long will the renovation take?
This is the most common question that contractors hear from commercial or residential clients. Most reputable contractors will sit down with you to plan as well as possible and provide estimated completion times. They will also schedule time for each stage of the renovation. On the other hand, schedules can never be fully-set in stone. You should expect possible unexpected events during the renovation.

How much will the renovation cost?
The second most frequently asked question is about the cost of the project. Of course the cost depends on what is being done and the scope of the project. You should hire a contractor that will stick as much as possible to your predetermined budget. By careful planning, having a realistic attitude, and having a project that is feasible, you can get a reasonable estimate of the costs. You also have to be open to possible additional charges based on material arrivals, staffing, and some unforeseen problems.

Can we still use the space while the renovation is being done?
Many businesses opt to continue working in their spaces during a commercial renovation. However, it of course depends on the type of job that you’re having done. There’s a good chance that the renovation won’t affect all of your business space.  Most contractors can barricade off their worksite and keep dust to a minimum.

Do I need permits?
Yes, for most things. Your contractor will usually handle getting the permits needed for your project.

Who makes the design for the renovation?
Many contractors are not competent designers or architects. A contractor is a business that brings designs come to life by constructing from blueprints and plans. If you can find a “design-build” contractor (like Silva Construction), they can handle both the design and construction tasks.

David Clarke, co-owner of Silva Construction, expressed the company’s commitment to helping business owners make informed decisions about renovation. ” We can revamp a commercial property to give it that like-new feeling. Our experience with commercial remodeling began with restaurants in the Redondo Beach Marina. Some of the restaurants included the Blue Moon Saloon, the Landing, and Moose McGillicutty’s. Our expertise in commercial remodeling has expanded onto dental offices, realtors’ offices, schools, churches, commercial kitchens, clothing stores and tenant improvements such as fire doors, grid ceilings, work stations, partition walls, built in desks, counters, and ADA (Handicap) compliance baths and ramps. We have even turned laundromats into art galleries; any job is possible!.”

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David Clarke and Brenda Silva are owners of Silva Construction, Inc., located in San Pedro, CA. The company has over 40 years of experience in remodeling construction, and serves Southern California’s South Bay area, including Westchester, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, San Pedro, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Harbor City, Lomita, Torrance, and other select areas. Their blog can be seen at and their website can be seen at They can be reached at 310-831-6310.

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