Press Releases

In his ground-breaking book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” David Meerman Scott talks about the new rules of PR, including the swelling popularity of news releases on the web and how these can be used to talk directly to customers and potential customers, not just be directed at media people.

The key is to write a press release that is keyword rich, put it up on your site, or on a blog (our recommendation is to put them on a separate blog just for your releases), and also post it on several online PR sites. These PR sites will then get it into big news sites like Google News.

Our recommendation on the releases is the best frequency is to do them once a week. David Meerman Scott says to find ways to write and send out releases all the time. This builds quality links to the web site.

We can write optimized press releases for your company, ensure that the keywords that you want to target are well represented in the release, and then submit them to several online PR sites. These online PR sites that we use always rank well in the search engines. Also, if you decide as we recommend, to put up a separate blog for your press releases (which then gives you all the benefits of a blog along with the benefits of putting the releases on the online PR sites) then we can design and set up the blog for you.

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